Rector’s Message

rektorun_msjTo the Future Scientists

Biruni University was founded by the inspiration of Ebu Reyhan Al Biruni, a Turkish scientist, who had his name written in letters of gold in the history of science. The name itself gives us the inspiration to be the best in the field of science. That is why we defined our motto as “The Future of Science” embellished with the idea of “a university of diversities”.

Our universtiy is comprised of health departments with its six faculties and vocational college. In line with the needs of our country, our priority is to educate young people – Next Generation Birunis – who will contribute to our country’s production and prosperity through science by focusing on research and development within the field of health.

There are a myriad of reasons for you to study at our university where there are all the departments relating to health. Firstly, we offer you a campus life that has an extensive social connection in Topkapı district in the center of İstanbul, opposite the historical city walls. We provide special scholarships to our students that range between 25%, 50% and 100%. Additionally, 950 hours of English curriculum will be taught in your first year along with your departmental courses. In this context, the curriculums of all the years are rearranged for your academic success. This model to be implemented for the first time in our country, will enable students to acquire a language without losing a year. In addition, after your first year, we offer double major opportunity, minor specialty and other academic avenues with flexible interdepartmental transfers, allowing you to specialize in different areas of health. We are proud that our university holds some of our country’s most modern and cutting-edge laboratories, coupled through the partnerships of our world’s best research centers and universities like Baylor College of Medicine, King’s College ve Aachen Universitat.

Dear youth,

There are plenty of options and opportunities ahead. The decision of your university will affect every aspect of your life and in many ways will be one of the most impactful decisions you will ever make. I invite you to write and create the future of science in the best laboratories of a leading university, coupled with the leading faculty and scientists of the future.

Never forget that “one wrong decision takes off your 160 correct answers”.

Wishing your right choice be “The future of Science”…

Prof. Dr. Adnan YÜKSEL