International Students

Biruni University accepts students who have graduated from a school equivalent to high schools in Turkey and the candidates with the following conditions with student admission quotas to study at graduate and undergraduate programs.


Provided that they are in their senior year in high school or graduated from high school, those whose admission is accepted will be those who satisfy the following requirements.

Those who are foreign

Those who are Turkish citizens by birth and are allowed to leave Turkish nationality from the Ministry of Interior, and grant under the Law on Turkish citizenship that they have the document which their underage children registered at a Turkish citizenship renunciation certificate on the Exercise of the Rights.

Those, while having foreign citizenship, taking Turkish citizenship through acquired citizenship and dual nationalities in this case.

Those, being a Turkish citizen, but completed of all high school in a foreign county except for K.K.T.C. (included those who completed all of high school in a foreign country, except K.K.T.C.)

Those having GCE AL exam score, who are K.K.T.C. citizens and have lived in K.K.T.C. and completed high school there.

K.T.C. citizens who were registered and educated in other countries’ colleges and high schools, and having or will have GCE AL exam score.


Foreign student application form

High School certificate and its English or Turkish translation

High School transcripts, and its English or Turkish translation

The photocopy of İllustrated page of student’s passport

Each student is evaluated in compliance with the minimum acceptance criteria specified according to criteria of the country they graduated from. You can reach Biruni University acceptance criteria according to the countries guidelines from the link ‘guidelines for international students.’ If the application is accepted, Biruni University sends a letter of acceptance to the students. All the foreign students who are going to study at Biruni University have to take student visa to enter the country if they don’t have residence permit. Applicant for visa can apply to the nearest Turkish Consulate with the letter of acceptance that Biruni University has given.

Documents Required for Registration

High school diploma (English or Turkish)

Certificate of Equivalence (can be obtained from the Turkish Consulates or Istanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education)

High School Transcript (English or Turkish)


Receipt of Payment (School Fee)

Photograph (4 pcs)

Internationally accredited English Exam Results( IELTS, TOEFL, FCE ), if any.


There are two medium languages in our university: Turkish and English.

Faculty of Engineering


In Faculty of Engineering the medium language is English. Students who are enrolled are supposed to take Prep Exemption Exam or submit English exam results (TOEFL, IELTS)

The foreign language proficiency level of the candidates entitled to  register for the departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics will be measured at the beginning of the academic year with  the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam.  Students acquiring enough score can continue to the 1st year. Students not acquiring enough score continue to the 1st year in preparatory class. Students  acquiring enough score from the exams specified below are exempted from the preparatory classes and start  the first year.

Name of the exam                Minimum Score

TOEFL (IBT)                                75

IELTS                                           6.5

Other Faculties

In all other departments medium language is Turkish. Therefore, the proficieny level of Turkish Language of the students will be measured with the Turkish Language Proficiency Test by the university. Students not having enough Turkish Language competence must take at least two semesters  Turkish Language education at the university or an accredited insititution. Foreign students who want to study in departments in which medium language is Turkish should:

submit a TÖMER certificate showing their level of Turkish.

take the Proficiency Exam in Turkish that is done by our unversity

submit a document showing that they have taken Turkish courses for two semesters in accredited institutions

Also the students who completed their secondary school education in a country where Turkish is spoken language can start their studies in their departments.