Biruni University Central Library aims to meet the academic and cultural needs of our staff and students whom we regard as the scientists of the future. Serving as the library at one of our nation’s most comprehensive healthcare universities in Turkey, it is our long-term prospect to serve as the most comprehensive and competitive library in our country.

In line with this purpose, we have a myriad of memberships of print (books-periodicals, dissertations), audio-visual (CD and DVD) and electronic resources (e-journals and e-books). Our library users will soon be able to reach various database services via TÜBİTAK-ULAKBİM as soon as we activate our ANKOS membership.

Apart from the materials that you can reach within our library, it is possible for users to do catalog scanning of other libraries’ databases. Additionally, students will have the chance to meet their favorite scientists, authors and artists via seminars, meetings, film screenings and workshops.

We will continue to be a part of your academic and social lives by combining modern librarianship with more traditional models.

We are always ready for your wishes, questions and demands.

Best Regards.

Biruni University Central Library