Student Affairs

Our Directorate aims to contribute to the University achieving the identified goals with the activities carried out for students, academic and administrative staff working in the University. All kinds of academic procedures related to students are carried out by our Directorate. Experts working with our Directorate help students to meet their requirements related to the University by consulting in academic and administrative matters.
SERVICES: Student registration. Directorial official correspondence  and  document archiving. Keeping the data of documents. Ensuring the coordination between the Rectorate and Faculties. Preparing official documents on the demand of the students. Dealing with graduation and diploma process. Ensuring statistics and sharing the results with to the related. Managing the scholarship processes. Managing internship processes. Submission of success average and results of the students to the releated. Implementation of operations in the framework of quality standards set by the University. Determination of the general policies regarding activities and making recommendations to the General Secretariat. Organizing and submission of the annual business plan and report. To compile and Prepare the required information by YÖK, ÖSYM and similar institutions. Doing istatistical studies to determine the student quota. Preparation and declaration of academic calender Carrying out male students’ military operations Accepting of the student applications of in-house / lateral transfer and double major programs.