Inspired European People

Inspired European People

    Famous Turkish philosopher Farabi, who became known to the world with his studies in philosophy, was born in Farab, which is located in today's border of Kazakhstan. Farabi, who have completed his primary education here, studied in the madrasa in Rey and Baghdad. As a famous philosopher, Farabi who used to serve as judge in Turkish land, devoted himself to philosophy and did philosophy research in Harran. The philosopher, who knew many languages such as Arabic, Persian, Syriac and Greek, was also a physician and musician.

    Farabi studied morality, politics, psycholog, natural sciences and especially paid importance to philosophy and the science of logic. Having works in various areas, Farabi also analyzed famous philosophers such as Aristoteles, Platon, Zenon, Plotinos and implemented his own opinions to the ideas of them.

    Farabi recognized the real Aristoteles and aimed to turn the development path of philosophy into "Aristotelianism". His work in the field of logic made him famous in all countries of the Near East. In the West, Farabi was known as "Alfarabius" and "Abunaser".


    Farabi worked on the books as part of Aristotle's logic corpus called Organon. Farabi wrote about 100 works in natural sciences and history of philosophy. The most famous was his thesis "Pearl of the Mind", which briefly described the whole essence of his teaching. Plato's thesis "El-Medinetül Fazıla", which does not neutralize his studies on the state, also aroused great interest. Farabi passed away in 950.