Biruni University and National Office for Education in Fatih District 


    Date: February 24, 2021 Wednesday
    Time: 20:00
    Platform :  National Office for Education in Fatih District - ZOOM
    Moderator : Arzu INSAN


    We bring our prospective students and students studying at our university together in our "Peer Meeting" event. Our students studying at the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Health Sciences will meet with our prospective students on the online platform in "Question and Answer" format. In the event, our students will share their experiences in preparation for YKS and share information about the faculty they want to choose to our prospective students.



    Faculty of Medicine Student: EMEL KAYA : "Dreams Come True!"

    Faculty of Dentistry Student: BASAK CESUR: "A Ballet Teacher at the Clinic!"

    Faculty of  Pharmacy Student: BERSAN BEKAROGLU: "Pharmacy From All Aspects"

    Guidance and Psychological Counseling Student: NİHAL AÇAR: "Why Biruni, Why PDR?"

    Special Education Teaching Student: HATİCE BORUCU: "To whom / What does the beauty of your path depend on?"

    English Language Teaching Student: AYCIN OZDEMIR: "A New Way to Language Teaching"

    Elementary Mathematics Education Student: ELİF CEYLAN: "Desbunda"

    Molecular Biology and Genetics Student: ELIF ASLAN: "Loving What You Do Or Doing What You Love?"

    Biomedical Engineering Student: HILAL SENTURK: "The Importance of Determination Towards the Goal!"

    Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Student: ZİYA BERKE YENTÜR: "Architecture and Life"

    Computer Engineering Student: BARAN PELIT: "A Marginal One Who Loves Computer and Technology"

    Nutrition and Dietetics Student: HUMEYRA MUTLU: "Value of Interest and Talent!"

    Child Development Student: HULYA AKKOCA: "Conversion Journey"

    Language and Speech Therapy Student: ZEYNEP CINGOZ:  "Language, Art and Human!"

    Nursing Student: EDANUR OZTURK: "I am in every emotion wherever a person is"

    Midwifery Student: CAGLA YAKUPOGLU: "Birth Miracle and Midwifery"

    Occupational Therapy Student: SAMET OZCAN: "Experience and Decision"

    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Student: MEHMET SAFAK ERGUL: "To Dream and Win"

    Audiology Student: SENANUR GAZACESME: "Preparing for the Job!"
    Social Work Student: EMIN BEYAZIT: " From Vocational High School to University"

    Health Management Student: TIMUR KOSE: "Education and Experience That Brings My Dreams"