Biruni's Athletes in 4 Branches Blow on the Field Like the Wind

Biruni's Athletes in 4 Branches Blow on the Field Like the Wind

    Our athletes achieved great success in the first week of the Intercollegiate League Competitions.

    Biruni University sports teams made a good start to their first week. Our students won in basketball women's, volleyball men's, football men's and indoor football men's branches. Basketball Women's Team defeated Turkish-German University 35-29 in the first match of their group in the Intercollegiate League Competitions. Volleyball Men's Team beat Atlas University 3-0. Men's Football Team defeated İstinye University 2-1 with penalty kicks after a 1-1 draw. And finally Indoor Football Men's branch completed the week by beating Ayvansaray University 12-5.

    We are working day and night

    Biruni University Sports Coordinator Gökhan Çam and Basketball Coach Serkan Bilgücü made their evaluations, “We will participate in a total of 25 branches (men and women) within the scope of 2021-2022 sportive activities. We are proud to have successfully completed the first week. We look forward to starting week 2 with a win and ending it successfully. We trained so hard starting at 6:00 in the morning and continued our work until 11:00 at night.” he said.

    As the Biruni Family, we are proud of our coaches and students who made a good start in the first week of the season.