It is not about the profession, it is about being good in the profession...

It is not about the profession, it is about being good in the profession...

    Participating in the apron-wearing ceremony of our Vocational School, our Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Yüksel expressed his happiness for 3600 students wearing aprons. He advised them to ask the question “who am I” and find and answer.  He proceeded, it is that answer would help them know themselves better and that would make them more successful at work and life.


    Our Vocational School students experienced the excitement of taking the first step into their dream profession with the apron-wearing ceremony held at our University. Faculty members and families of our students participated the ceremony to share their excitement. In the opening speech of the ceremony held at the Reyhan Building Conference Hall, our Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Yuksel felicitated the students who wore white aprons as symbol of the first step into profession. Stating that the white coat is a symbol dedicated to people's health, our Rector said, “You should see every patient as your mother, your father, your brother or sister”. He reminded that “It is not about the profession, it is about being good in the profession”

    Always try to reveal your own talents. You will write your own story to make a difference for better at work and life. “Get socialized, join student clubs and get better communication skills”.

    The most valuable thing in life is time.

    Our Vice-President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Solak, in his speech at the ceremony said, “No matter where you go to a clinic, polyclinic or hospital, we come across health service provider technicians. We are scientists who work hard to bring our students to the field as highly-qualified, well-equipped, self-confident and knowledgeable. He added, you will wear your white coats today. Keep filling the white coat with knowledge first. Make sure to make up for your shortcomings. Know the value of time - the most expensive thing in life. You cannot buy it. You cannot turn it back. We cannot live yesterday, the day before is long gone. Make good use of your time”.


    Your white apron represents your conscience.

    Our Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Fatma Çelik started her speech by saying that she was happy to dress 3600 students in white. She underlined that they are training qualified professionals in their field with various training strategies developed. She added, “Every profession is valuable. We serve our patients. It is very important to do our job with love and to love people. Today we dress you in a white coat. The white coat signifies the beginnings and It is the symbol of purity, cleanliness, honesty and trust. It is the symbol of conscience. Today we put the conscience on you. Do not betray it". Talking about extracurricular courses such as DGS, KPSS, ALES, YDS offered by our university for students to continue their educational life, Prof. Çelik said, “You can crown your associate degree education by continuing your undergraduate and graduate education. “When you need we are here” she underlined. The ceremony ended with a short concert.