BirStore is Opened

BirStore is Opened

    Biruni University merchandise store “BirStore” was opened with a ceremony. It was opened by our Chancellor Prof. Adnan Yüksel, and attracted great attention from the first day.


    This store will set the fashion

    Our University, which attaches importance to the sense of belonging, has implemented another important project. Upon the high demand of graduates and students, the logo of our University will always be with you with wearable products. There are textile and stationery products bearing the Biruni logo in the "BirStore" which is opened on the 3rd floor of the Reyhan Building. The product range will be enriched according to the demands of the students.


    Special collections will be prepared

    Our Chancellor Prof. Adnan Yuksel; expressing that they decided to open the store upon high demand from graduates, students and especially from abroad, he said, “We are very proud of the fact that our university's logo can be moved everywhere. Our store will diversify over time with our special collections. Our e-store will be opened soon," he said.