Biruni Touch to Our Friend Azerbaijan’s Education

Biruni Touch to Our Friend Azerbaijan’s Education

    Our university continues to share its academic knowledge with the world. Dr Enver Çıracı, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Biochemistry, shared his knowledge in a lecture attended by 35 faculty members of the Biochemistry Department of Azerbaijan Medical University.


    Our university continues to share its academic knowledge with the world. Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Biochemistry member, Dr Enver Çıracı lectured on his speciality, within Erasmus+ KA107 Partner Countries Staff Teaching and Training Mobility, in Azerbaijan Medical University Biochemistry, between 5-15 February In the courses attended by 35 academics, “Carbohydrate Metabolism Diseases”, “Hormone Biochemistry”, “Lipid Metabolism and Atherosclerosis Hypothesis”, “The
    Role Of T Cells And Some Cytokines In Endometrial Tissue In Unexplained Infertility” was regarded with a great deal of attention.

    Collaborations in progress

    Holding in high esteem by Dr Enver Çıracı’s lectures on the latest development in biochemistry, faculty members of Azerbaijan Medical University, offered a joint project to our University to develop cooperation. In the upcoming days, joint studies on “During the oncological diseases, detection of antioxidant protection system parameters” and “During colorectal cancer, examining biochemical, immunology parameters and the condition of the antioxidant protection system” will be conducted. Our Faculty Member Dr Enver Çıracı also answered questions about the education system and universities in Turkey and the educational models and laboratories of Biruni University.

    Many Thanks to Biruni Family

    Explaining that it was an honour to teach biochemistry at Azerbaijan Medical University, Dr Enver Çıracı added “I was very warmly welcomed in Baku. I always felt their hospitality during my stay there. I am also very happy to have the opportunity to meet with colleagues to share our knowledge. In the next process, we want to continue our collaborations by producing projects. They thanked our university very much for this cooperation. Thank you very much to the Biruni Family for giving me this opportunity.”