‎"Difference in Training Starts with the Staff"‎

‎"Difference in Training Starts with the Staff"‎

    ‎"We Equip our Staff with the Latest Information"‎

    ‎"We are with our Staff in Every Field They Need"‎


    ‎In order to contribute to the training of its administrative staff in the 2021 -2022 academic year, our university organized in-service training seminars in many areas from presentation preparation techniques to foreign language training, from critical thinking to communication language.‎


    ‎The Human Resources Directorate of our university continues its work at full speed to ensure that administrative staff gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure their development in accordance with the developments in the world related to their professions. In this context, our university has made significant contributions to the development of the staff with the seminars and training programs it has organized in the 2021 -2022 academic year. Nearly 200 personnel benefited from the training programs organized. ‎


    ‎The Importance of Quality Education ‎

    ‎Our Human Resources Director Mr. Banu Filiz said the following about the in-service training seminars: ‎

    ‎ "Our university attaches great importance to in-service training seminars since the day it was founded. We organize various training programs throughout the year in order for our personnel to adapt to the profession with the changing and transforming world. By increasing the efficiency and quality with our training, we contribute to the development of our personnel qualitatively and quantitatively. In addition to basic vocational and skills training, we will continue to provide planned trainings to our personnel to increase the level of knowledge, skills, behaviors and efficiency they need during their working life."‎


    ‎Key points of successful presentation within the scope of in-service trainings, our Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Fatma Çelik gave a "Presentation Preparation Techniques" training. Prof. Dr. Fatma Çelik emphasized the importance of avoiding using exaggerated techniques while preparing presentations in the seminar, paying attention to integrity, keeping the interest high and making presentations without distracting the subject. ‎


    ‎Why Can't We Learn a Foreign Language?‎

    ‎The "Foreign Language Learning" seminars of our Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Mr. Kadir Alkaya, also attracted great attention. Mr. Alkaya gave information about language learning methods efficiently based on the mistakes that are known to be true in foreign language teaching. Mr. Alkaya also answered the questions of our staff and presented examples of programs that can be prepared individually. ‎


    ‎Turning crisis into opportunities‎

    ‎Prof. Dr. Adnan Ömerustaoğlu, Dean of the Faculty of Education, stated that thought exercises are very important in our seminar titled "High-Level Thinking Skills" and expressed with examples how much problem solving and managing crises make life easier.‎


    ‎'The importance of empathy' ‎

    ‎At the same time, Prof. Dr. Fatma Evren Daşdağ emphasized important points in her "Effective Communication Language Training" seminar. Mr. Daşdağ informed our staff about communication techniques and explained the subtleties of verbal, non-verbal communication and body language and communication types. He expressed the benefit of empathy in communication.