Don't Think It's Just an Exercise!

Don't Think It's Just an Exercise!

    Emphasizing the importance of training the mind in order to raise individuals suitable for the needs of the 21st century, our Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Adnan Omerustaoglu addressed the teachers and said, "Let's make our brain work more effectively with thought exercises." said.

    Our university did not forget our students of the Faculty of Education, who live with the excitement of the day they will meet with our teachers and students, on November 24 Teachers' Day. Our academics, administrative staff and students attended the ceremony titled "Teachers' Day" organized by the Faculty of Education Dean's Office. The ceremony started with a minute's silence for all our martyrs and then the singing of our National Anthem. The opening speech of the event was made by our Dean of Education Faculty Prof. Dr. Adnan Ömerustaoğlu did it. Stating that teaching was one of the first professions in the history of humanity, our Dean started his speech by informing the guests about the history of Teachers' Day.

    Teach to Teach
    Stating that the teacher is defined as the person who teaches knowledge, but this definition has changed in the developing and changing 21st century, he said, “Today, it is not enough to teach knowledge. The learner can learn from other sources as well. Today, the function of the teacher has become even more important. The main function of the teacher is to train the mind to think today.” said.

    Geometric Increment
    Expressing that knowledge is constantly changing and that what we learn today should be revised tomorrow, our Dean Prof. Dr. Adnan Omerustaoglu said, “Information is changing, life is changing. Everything is in constant change. At the same time, knowledge is increasing very rapidly. Some studies say that knowledge doubles in 6 months, some studies say that it doubles in a year. The important thing is to teach to learn. It is to make a difference. It is necessary to gather them all under one umbrella by training the mind," he said.

    Preparing Deep Questions
    Expressing that thought exercises contribute %90 to science, our Dean stated that thought exercises are very important and said, “We must learn to solve problems and manage crises. We have to adapt to the new situation. We must train our thinking by generating deep questions, not dead ones.” he said. Our Dean concluded his speech by giving advice to our Faculty of Education students.

    Tunes from Teachers' Reeds
    Preschool Education 3rd grade student İpek Su Korkmaz recited a poem. Then, the ceremony ended with a music concert by the Head of the Foreign Languages Department Kadir Alkaya and the Lecturer Mert Sahinbas.