Full Support from Our Students to High Schoolers in 'Sports'

Full Support from Our Students to High Schoolers in 'Sports'

    Accompanied by our Sports Coordinatorship, our students are proud to support high school students across Turkey and Istanbul who are interested in sports and want to train themselves professionally in various sports branches. 3 high school students trained by our university will compete in the Istanbul Championship, which will take place on 19-20 May 2022.


    Our students continue to share their experiences and knowledge with secondary school students. Within the scope of our Sports Coordinator, our students who are interested in sports meet with high school students in Turkey and Istanbul, first inform the students about the sports branches, and prepare the students for the competitions by providing training on the field they want to grow. Accompanied by our Sports Coordinator, the number of high school students that our students help, is increasing day by day. In the Istanbul Championship, which will take place on May 19-20, 2022, 3 high school students will sweat in the competitions to be held in the field of kick boxing and muay thai.


    Volunteer-Based Learning and Teaching

    Our Chancellor Prof Adnan Yüksel expressed that the work of our students within the scope of social responsibility is very valuable and he expressed his satisfaction for sharing their knowledge and skills with young people. Our Chancellor Prof. Adnan Yüksel said, “Our students mentor high school students, enabling them to gain

    new achievements and experiences. We will continue to develop our education system, which provides our students with the principle of learning and teaching based on volunteering.”


    There Are Undiscovered Talents

    Our Sports Coordinator, Mr. Gökhan Çam, expressed his pride in seeing our students, who have improved themselves by training together, in competitions today and said, “We are trying to introduce sports branches to high school students from various parts of Turkey and help them discover their talents. For example, we prepared a training plan for a student in Elbistan. We train high school students in sports branches such as orienteering, table tennis, archery, and prepare them for competitions between high schools. The winner of 2021-2022 Istanbul was Sunay Kırmızıkoyun in Jet kune do (kung fu). In 2020-2021, Osman Çam and Ali Çam were awarded degrees. This year, our student named Ayaz Özden will compete.”


    As the Biruni Family, we congratulate all our students who support high school students within the scope of our Sports Coordinatorship and wish success to high school students who will participate in the competitions.