Importance of Psychological in an Earthquake

Importance of Psychological in an Earthquake

    We conducted an interview with Biruni University Faculty of Education Lecturer Dr. Atlas Bogenç on the Earthquake psychology


    Dr. Bogenç;

    It is quite natural that events beyond our control, such as earthquakes, trigger our sense of fear. However, since not all people have the same psychological resilience and coping skills, it is quite natural that traumatic events affect everyone differently. Especially where and how we are caught in an earthquake, whether we have experienced a loss related to our loved ones is a factor in determining the severity of this situation, can be a factor.


    The post-earthquake anxiety, fear, quick startle, avoidance of anything that reminds of the earthquake and  reactions such as sleep problems are "normal reactions to an abnormal situation." These reactions are the result of our efforts to cope with the traumatic event. In the first weeks, it can last with varying intensity and all these complaints are expected to decrease over time.


    Receiving social support and sharing experiences with friends are very important for coping with these complaints. However, when anxiety is very intense, affects daily life and these symptoms last for a long time In such cases, it may be necessary to seek support from mental health professionals.