Intense Interest in Biruni - ERA Colleges Guidance Symposium

Intense Interest in Biruni - ERA Colleges Guidance Symposium

    In the Guidance Symposium organized by our university in cooperation with ERA Colleges, it was emphasized that PDR teachers have a great role in the personal development of students and that the talents of each reached student should be revealed.

    Our university organized a Guidance Symposium in cooperation with ERA Colleges. Teachers who are experts in the field of Guidance and Psychological Counseling came together with our academics for the symposium held in the Reyhan Building Seminar Hall. In the seminar where professional information was shared, it was emphasized that there are positive and negative aspects of developing technology, and it was stated that the importance of communication with students is more important with each passing day.

    “Touch the lives of your students”
    Making the opening speech of the seminar, our Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Yüksel emphasized the importance of active education. Stating that PDR teachers have a great role in the personal development of students, our Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Yüksel said, “The world is constantly changing. We must provide our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities and contribute to them. We need to teach our students to see what you are looking at. "We have to bring out the talents of our children". Stating that those who achieve success are those who never give up, our Rector emphasized that lecturing to teachers is an art, and said the following about learning: “The brain learns through repetition. Attention is very important. If we want to succeed, we will succeed. If we want to get to the top of the tree, our target will be the Moon.”

    Let our saplings become trees
    Expressing that they always attach importance to education, ERA Colleges General Manager Sinan Telli said, “The guidance unit is indispensable for every institution. All of you sow a seed, your seeds will sprout, your sprouts will be saplings. Let your saplings become trees.”

    Ways to solve problems
    After the opening speeches, the first session of the seminar was held. Our Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Adnan Ömerustaoğlu made a presentation titled "Critical Thinking in Solving Existential Problems". In the presentation, “There are three elements related to any problem situation. Individual, obstacle and purpose. If these three elements are not present, there is no problem," said Prof. Dr. Adnan Ömerustaoğlu listed the ways to be followed to solve a problem as follows: “Restate and understand your goals, objectives and needs regularly. Clearly identify your problems and analyze them later. Understand the information you need and actively seek that information. Analyze, interpret and evaluate the information you carefully collect. Understand and evaluate your options for action. Observe the implications of your actions as they emerge.”

    We can't keep young people away from technology
    Our Faculty of Education Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Ebru Kuşçu emphasized that children with the curiosity and ability to use digital media need helpful guidance in using digital media and devices as more creative, productive and problem-solving tools. Our faculty member Assoc. Prof. Lütfü Ilgar, “How Can Teachers Gain Effective Classroom Management Skills for a Positive School Climate?” In his speech titled, he explained why a teacher's classroom management skills are important. Our faculty member Prof. Dr. Tayfun Doğan In his speech titled "Guidance Practices for the Prevention of Behavior and Learning Disorders in the School Environment", he explained the guidance practices with examples.