Our Rise in World University Rankings Continues

Our Rise in World University Rankings Continues

    The evaluations of institutions that make world university rankings have once again revealed that our university continues to rise in scientific studies without slowing down.

    Our university has made a name for itself with its achievements in many fields, especially in innovation. According to the SHIMAGO - Institutions Ranking Evaluation Results, our University was ranked 16th in innovation evaluation in Turkey. The results show that our University has achieved significant achievements in the invention level by conducting innovative studies in accordance with its mission and vision.


    Publications at Q1 level

    The report also reveals that our University has many publications at the Q1 level, known as the publications in the top 10% of the world's journals. If we look at the publications on a field basis, we mostly have studies in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, health, biology, chemistry and mathematics.


    We take success higher

    Being ranked 541th among all world universities and 37th among universities in Turkey in the SHIMAGO - Institutions Ranking evaluation proves that our University continues to raise the bar for success.


    Excellence in medicine

    When we look at the field-based rankings, our University, which is in the top 24% of Turkey in the field of medicine, shows outstanding success. In the field of pharmacy; our university ranks well in the world, among the Middle East and OECD countries. For Turkey, it is in the top 28%.


    Our unıversity is on the rise in URAP!

    We have added a new one to our achievements with our strong academic staff, our students who are constantly developing and opening up to the world with us, our articles published nationally and internationally, our collaborations and awareness-raising projects. Our university is on the rise in URAP 2022-2023 ranking with an increase of 77.42%.


    While our score increased by 60% compared to last year with our successful articles published nationally and internationally, an increase of 60.9% in our international collaborations and 51.64% in the number of citations received from our publications guiding academic studies was observed. With the increase in our scientific documents, the number of doctoral students, our national and international collaborations and TUBITAK projects, we have gained an increase of 81.22% in our total number of points. With our ever-increasing scientific productivity, we will continue to be a pioneer with our conferences, compilations, academic publications, reviews and articles