‎Prepare Your Selections with Biruni‎

‎Prepare Your Selections with Biruni‎

    ‎Biruni University, which welcomes millions of students on campus throughout the year and organizes informative seminars all over Turkey with its strong academic staff, continues to be with you at all times during the selection process. We welcome all candidates who want to make the right decision about the preferences that will determine their future.‎

    Millions of university candidates attended the YKS in order to be able to get placed in their dream university. Now, it's time for selections. As Biruni family, we will continue to be with you in this difficult selection process as we have been with you throughout the year. ‎


    ‎Let's answer your questions!‎

    ‎During the Promotion and Selection Days, our competent and strong academic staff will be waiting for our valuable students on campus. By visiting our university, you can get information about the departments from our academics and ask all the questions you are curious about. ‎


    ‎Expert Level Consultancy Service ‎

    ‎You can also get counseling services from our guidance counselors on our campus. Our guidance counselors will be waiting for you on our campus all day long and will share with you the most up-to-date information about the selection of the most suitable profession and university for your personality characteristics during this challenging selection process. ‎


    ‎Opportunity to Talk to Our Faculty Members on the Phone ‎

    ‎We have not forgotten our candidates who could not come to our campus. By calling Biruni University, you can get information about the department you want and meet with our faculty members one-on-one. You can also get information about our university from all our consultants in our Call Center. You can reach us at 444 8 276. You can also reach our university by filling out the "Prospective Student Form" on our page.‎


    ‎We welcome prospective students and their families to Biruni University between 08:30-18:00, including weekends.