Quality Meetings Continue

Quality Meetings Continue

    As an innovative, entrepreneurial and leading university that leaves a mark with its education, research and community services, Biruni University continues its efforts at full speed to raise its qualifications to higher levels.

    Working closely with academic and management units and adopting a universal perspective, our university proceeds its improvement activities in accordance with its strategic goals.

    Under the leadership of our Rector, Prof. Dr Adnan Yüksel, meetings continue under the chairmanship of our Vice-Rector and Quality Coordinator Prof. Dr Mustafa Solak.

    In this context, regular meetings are held with our Senate members and administrative units.

    Our university meticulously carries out all the necessary studies to raise individuals producing knowledge with the differences they contribute to education, thinking critically, improving themselves in the personal and professional field, having ethical values with the awareness to national and universal problems, and producing solutions to problems with respect values and differences of the society.