Selection Matters

Selection Matters

    Two important names of the education world are meeting with prospective students. Our Rector Prof. Dr.Mr. Adnan Yüksel will share his experiences with the students that will shape their lives. Also, Educational Consultant Mr. Sadık Gültekin will express the points to be considered while making a choice.


    Our Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Yüksel will meet with students who will come to visit our campus as part of the Promotion and Preference Days and answer their questions. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Yüksel will share his experiences in the field of health and education with the students and will tell the students how to make the right choice and the secrets of being successful in the profession.


    Sadik Gultekin is with you!

    Opportunity to make a one-to-one selection with Educational Consultant Sadık Gültekin is at Biruni University! Our university will also provide candidate students with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Sadık Gültekin, one of the most important names in the education world, the Presenter of the Right Selection Program and the columnist of the Posta Newspaper. Posta Newspaper columnist, Sadık Gültekin, will provide information on "How to Make the Right Selection" by sharing the most up-to-date information about choices between 11.00-12.00, 14.00-15.00, 17.00-18.00 at the Reyhan Building Conference Hall on 30-31 July 2022.


    All prospective students are invited to the events.



    Speakers: Prof. Dr. Adnan Yuksel/Biruni University Rector

    Sadık Gültekin/ Right Selection Program Presenter and Post Newspaper Writer

    Date: 30-31 July 2022

    Venue: Biruni University Reyhan Building Conference Hall

    Time Ranges: