Start Change Now with BIR-SEM!

Start Change Now with BIR-SEM!

    Adopting life-long learning as a principle, Biruni University Continuing Education Center (BIR-SEM) awaits everyone wanting to develop new skills and update their knowledge.

    BIR-SEM creates a difference with new teaching methods transferring the brand-new information and technology to education.

    In addition to the professional development and skills, BIR-SEM offers personal development, language education, culture and art, sports training programs, exam preparation programs for adults, adolescents and children. BIR-SEM also provides certificates of expertise and participation.

    Your target knowledge and skills

    BIR-SEM provides world-class education with a lifelong learning approach in areas out of associate, undergraduate and graduate education programs. By combining theoretical and practical training BIR-SEM contributes to the desired career development.

    Benefit from at any age
    BIR-SEM organizes training programs for all ages and professional groups with educational diversity. It increases the overall life quality for individuals by diversifying cultural activities.

    A to Z Training Programs

    For detailed information about the training calendar and training programs of our Continuing Education Center, you can visit