The Arrow Shot from our University Returned by Winning 3rd Place in Europe

The Arrow Shot from our University Returned by Winning 3rd Place in Europe

    Our third-year student Yasemin Begüm Topkarcı, who represented our country in the Archery European Championship, achieved 3rd place in Europe in the competitions held in Berlin and made our country and our university proud.


    Our students continue to be our pride with their success in science and art as well as sports. Yasemin Begüm Topkarcı, the 3rd-year student of our Faculty of Medicine, made us proud by achieving third place in the Berlin Open 2021 - International Archery Tournament. Yasemin Begüm competed in the Compound Women category as the only athlete from Turkey to participate in the Archery European Championship held in Berlin, where 304 people from 20 different countries participated and finished the competition in 3rd place by defeating Estonian Maris Tetsmann.


    I will never give up on sports

    After her success in Berlin, our student Yasemin Begüm Topkarcı expressed her thanks to our Rector Prof. Dr Adnan Yüksel and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr Dilek Sema Arıcı for their support. “Since the day I started archery, I have never stopped. While preparing for the high school exam, we won the world and European championships as a team. While preparing for the university exam I got second place in Europe individually. I am very happy that I am now successfully returning to my country,” Yasemin Begüm Topkarcı said afterwards.


    Archery is the meaning of my life

    "I see archery as a part of my life. Archery is something that makes me who I am. Archery is as natural to me as eating. The passion I have is the biggest reason why I didn't quit archery despite the difficulties of medical school. I recommend everyone to engage with a sport branch they love," added our student Yasemin Begüm Topkarcı.