The Future of Science is at Biruni University‎

The Future of Science is at Biruni University‎

    Biruni University represents the future of science with its researches that carry knowledge to the future by inspiring innovations with the bridge of knowledge it has established from the past to the future in the developing and transforming world.‎


    ‎Biruni University; He took his place among the foundation universities by taking inspiration from the Turkish-Islamic scientist Abu Reyhan Al-Biruni, who is mentioned as "universal genius" in the history of science, by achieving important works in many fields including; medicine, pharmacy, astronomy, mathematics, physics, geography and history. Biruni University started its academic activities with 6 faculties and 1 vocational school as of the 2014-2015 academic year. ‎


     ‎Faculty of Dentistry‎


    ‎Our Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, equipped with advanced technologies, provides polyclinic and operating room services in all specialties of dentistry. Our hospital, which serves as a patient satisfaction priority with the awareness of the sanctity of the service offered directly to people and human health, has become a preferred center in a short time. With the training supported by strong academic staff and today's technological tools (3D digital methods, CAD-CAM, etc.), it is ensured that students graduate as competent dentists. To visit the page of our Faculty of Dentistry, click here


     Faculty of Pharmacy‎


    ‎Our faculty, with its strong academic staff and know-how, takes an active role in all processes from the production and development of the raw material of the drug to the delivery to the patient and contributes to the development of health, ensuring the correct use of the drug. We are aimed to train 8-star pharmacists that are; leaders, critical thinkers, values lifelong learning and human-oriented service as a principle, takes responsibility, have universal and ethical values. With the practical courses carried out in laboratories equipped with modern equipment and devices and the 6-month compulsory and additional elective internship programs, students are provided with all kinds of knowledge and skills for the profession. ‎‎‎‎To visit our faculty page, ‎click here‎‎ ‎‎


     Faculty of Education‎


    We are a faculty that educates teachers and psychological counselors who are carrying teacher training programs to the highest point in national and international dimensions in terms of;  quality / quantity, developing multidimensional science and education philosophies, policies and models and interdisciplinary programs and studies, being able to express their feelings and thoughts freely, transferring basic life skills to daily life, creative, researcher, entrepreneurial, self-control, valuing differences and respecting human rights, willing to learn and who aim to raise mentally and physically healthy individuals. ‎‎To visit our faculty page, ‎‎‎‎click here ‎


    Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences‎


    ‎The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences aims to expand the horizons of our students with lesson plans and contents prepared by taking into account not‎‎ ‎‎only the present but also the future requirements of the profession, student exchange programs signed with distinguished universities in Europe in parallel with the contemporary educational philosophy, to ensure their access to cultural riches and to bring them to society as individuals who can use communication techniques effectively. To visit our faculty page, ‎click here‎‎


     Faculty of Medicine‎


    ‎With the system-based education model in which basic and clinical sciences are integrated, our students start medical terminology courses by encountering the patient from the first day of their education. The training program where various learning theories are applied, interactive courses, simulation, small group studies, case discussions, problem-based learning sessions and the academic staff with international experience in the field of medical education make our faculty special. Our students, who started to take research methods and project execution courses from the first year, have the opportunity to participate in research projects, work in the fields of global medical economics and policies and humanities, and are trained as competent physicians who act in line with ethical principles. 6 years of medical education is carried out at Biruni University campus and Biruni University Hospital. ‎‎‎‎To visit our faculty page, click here


     Faculty of Health Sciences‎


    ‎To train competent health professionals who are equipped with professional knowledge and skills who can evaluate the needs of the country in line with modern approaches and who will provide the health service required by the field in a qualified way in the disciplines in the field of health sciences; There are 14 departments within the Faculty of Health Sciences, which was established with the mission of producing information by conducting research and providing service to society. The training of competent health professionals in the field is of key importance in raising the health level of the society. For this purpose, the departmental curriculum is structured in line with the field-specific "Core Education Program". The practical training of our students is carried out in our university hospital in Florya and other private and public hospitals where the protocol is made. ‎‎‎‎To visit our faculty page, click here


     ‎Vocational School ‎


    ‎Since its opening, our Vocational School has been training qualified technicians especially in the field of health. The academic structure and curriculum of all departments where education and training are carried out under this roof since the first day are designed as departments that will meet the technician needs of our country and train highly qualified people. ‎‎‎‎To visit the page of our Vocational School, ‎‎click here ‎