Corporate Communication Directorate

Corporate Communication Directorate

    Serpil BÖCEK/Corporate Communications Director


    The Duties of the Corporate Communication Directorate:

    • To use all communication media, from social media to web pages, printed and visual materials in a correct and ethical manner by determining correct communication strategy,
    • To prepare promotional activities in accordance with the mission and vision values ​​of our university, internal and inter-institutional communication, communication with prospective students, event management and organization, media monitoring, sponsorship, advertisements, brochures and handbooks used in the promotion of the institution and to provide appropriate content for internet channels,
    • To present detailed studies in the fields of communication planning, promotion, advertising and branding,
    • To establish relations with the press, provide appropriate content to internet channels and to manage media monitoring processes.


Corporate Communication Directorate
Serpil BÖCEK
Corporate Communications Director


Digital Desgin and Social Media Coordinator


Zemzem BUDAK
Corporate Communications Specialist