International Relations Office Directorate

International Affairs Office Directorate

    Sinan Can KAYMAK/Director

    Duties of the International Affairs Office Directorate;

    • To ensure the efficient execution of the university's Erasmus, Mevlana and Farabi Exchange Programs (Protocol) agreements, and in this context, to ensure the selection of lecturers and staff is in line with the Exchange Programs Implementation Handbook and to coordinate the execution of administrative procedures,
    • To coordinate the uninterrupted administrative and educational procedures of those students selected for education and internship activities,
    • To ensure the coordination of incoming students and staff (academic and administrative) with the relevant units of our university, to host them properly, and to monitor their administrative affairs,
    • To ensure that the international relations office works in coordination with all units within the university and with other official institutions outside (National Agency, Higher Education Council),
    • To introduce Erasmus, Mevlana and Farabai programs within the university, and prepare promotional materials,
    • To conduct correspondence with relevant universities, to make agreements and to update them,
    • To work in communication with the relevant faculty and department coordinators, Student Affairs Directorate, Strategy Development Directorate and Rectorate units,
    • To ensure cooperation and coordination with the units of the university and other official institutions when necessary,
    • To coordinate the university's external relations outside the Erasmus Exchange Program,
    • To ensure the coordination of agreements and foreign relations, student and faculty exchange transactions arising from all kinds of exchange programs and cooperation protocols in Turkey and abroad,
    • To ensure that the statistical information and annual activity reports regarding the annual performance program of the unit are prepared and reported to the relevant bodies.
    • To follow and prepare the reports, contracts and all documents requested by the National Agency, the European Commission and the Council of Higher Education, and to ensure that the documents and reports are signed and followed up by the necessary authorities,
    • To prepare and present reports to be submitted when requested by the Higher Education Institution,
    • To represent the International Relations Directorate of our university in meetings and fairs when necessary,
    • To ensure that the international relations office works in coordination with other international units and institutions representing our university,
    • To check that the personnel within the office work in harmony and follow their work through without interruption, and to ensure coordination,
    • To inform incoming students and staff about the program contents and the roadmap and procedures to be followed for participation in exchange programs.
    • To ensure that other works and transactions given by the top manager / managers related to office operations are carried out,
    • To be responsible to the International Relations Coordinator, the Secretary General, the Vice Rector and the Rector for all the work and transactions carried out in the office.


International Affairs Office Directorate
Sinan Can KAYMAK


Vice Director




Münevver Aysu ÖZGÜR
Erasmus Institutional Vice-Coordinator


International Student Recruitment Specialist


Feyza Nur BAŞKÖK
Student Procurement Assistant Specialist


Student Procurement Assistant Specialist