Legal Consultancy

Legal Consultancy Department

    The Duties of the Legal Consultancy Department;

    • To perform the duties under article 35 of "Higher Education Law No. 2547", "Civil Servants Law No. 657", "Electronic Signature Law No. 5070", "Decree Law No. 124 on Higher Education Institutions and Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions".
    • To ensure that the university's legal services are carried out smoothly.
    • To perform coordination, in-service training and supervision duties related to the lawyer and other personnel in the consultancy.
    • To ensure coordination and job sharing among lawyers in other legal services through lawsuits filed against the Rectorate.
    • To provide cooperation between the Legal Consultancy and other units affiliated with the University.
    • To ensure, supervise and organize legal services in accordance with current legislation.
    • To prepare reports and provide information about the transactions carried out by Legal Counsel when necessary and requested.
    • To support lawyers and express opinions while performing legal services.
    • To inform the Rector, Vice Rector and other units in the legal sense.