Strategic Plan and Targets

As Biruni University, our strategic plans and goals;

    • To create a faculty member selected among the best in the field,
    • To establish an infrastructure, pricing and fair performance evaluation system that encourages teaching staff,
    • Bringing the most qualified students of our country to our university, supporting them and rewarding their success,
    • To carry out national and / or international accreditation for necessary programs, together with institutional accreditation,
    • Establishing basic science, research and skill laboratories equipped with modern and latest technologies,
    • To provide the highest quality education with qualified lecturers in new health branches allocated by the Higher Education Council,
    • Using an advantage of being a thematic university, to implement an education policy that allows for the transition of duties in the field of health, such as horizontal-vertical, internal and integration with its stakeholders,
    • Supporting graduate programs with a strong education staff,
    • To create international scientist circulation support programs for Master and Doctorate programs,
    • To direct students to research projects from the first year, to complete a project without graduation,
    • To create opportunities for students to receive active education and service in health practice and research centers in all faculties / departments where health education is provided.