Financial Affairs Directorate

Financial Affairs Directorate

    Ayşe Gül Maral/Director

    Duties of the Financial Affairs Directorate;

    • To prepare and monitor the implementation of the budget drafts of the university on the basis of plans and programs in order to ensure the most appropriate and efficient use of existing resources, including personnel, money and materials, in order to fulfill services and activities in an economical and effective way,
    • To collect and evaluate the necessary information, documents and statistics regarding the financing resources of investment programs,
    • To monitör cash and allowance status during application,
    • To carry out the in-kind affairs of the university and all kinds of payment and collection transactions.


    Account name: Biruni Üniversitesi

    Bank/Branch: Türk Ekonomi Bankası Beşiktaş Şubesi

    IBAN: TR02 0003 2000 0000 0068 8416 58

    Info: Student Name. Surname - Turkish Identity Number


Financial Affairs Directorate
Ayşe Gül MARAL


Furkan Cahit KÖKER