Our TÖMER Students Met for Breakfast

Our TÖMER Students Met for Breakfast

At the breakfast organized by the Turkish Application and Research Center (TÖMER) within our university, our faculty members came together with students from all over the world who came to our university to study.

    Students are our Responsibility

    Our Chancellor Prof. Adnan Yüksel, our Vice Chancellor and TÖMER Director Prof. Sevim Savaşer did not leave our students alone. In his speech, he said that there are 1200 international students from more than 70 countries at our university. He stated that our foreign students are special guests for the Biruni Family. Our rector addressed the students and said: “Each of you came from a different country and joined our family. You are all our responsibility, our special guests. We are always with you.”

    Our Students are our Cultural Diplomacy

    TÖMER Coordinator Ms. Nida Dilara Yıldız emphasized the importance of learning the language of the country they live in for foreign students studying in Turkey and said:

    Language shows its existence with its culture. One of the most important issues in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language is culture. The importance of intercultural communication in a globalizing world is undeniable. Every student studying in our country is also a cultural diplomacy. Believing that they will leave a beautiful mark on our students and that they will experience the depths of Turkish, wherever they take their roots, we met with our students in pleasant times with the guidance of "There is a nice echo under this dome, that remains."


    Kind Wish Paper Excitement

    Our students, who attended the breakfast, shared their feelings about the preparation process with our faculty members and friends, and experienced the happiness of leaving the tiredness of the term behind. The students had emotional moments with the messages they read on the kind wish papers waiting for them on their desks.