2023 Erasmus Internship4All Consortium Applications Begin!

2023 Erasmus Internship4All Consortium Applications Begin!

    But what does Erasmus Internship4All Consortium mean?

    The consortium provides support to students in managing their careers, adapting to international and multicultural work environments, and acquiring communication and entrepreneurial skills. The consortium also ensures continuity in the communication established between higher education institutions and companies within the framework of student internship mobility, fostering highly functional collaboration.

    Partners in the Erasmus mobility conducted simultaneously with 5 different universities are:

    • Altınbaş University
    • Bahçeşehir University
    • Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
    • Işık University
    • Maltepe University



    Students at associate, bachelor, master, PhD and medical specialization levels at Biruni can apply.

    If you are interested, we invite everyone to the Consortium Information Meetings that will be held in the coming days...

    Internship4All Consortium partners only provide advisory services to students and do not guarantee finding internship placements.