Biruni Technopark provides great support to entrepreneur candidate students and academics who say "I am the Boss of the Future in Science" in their business establishment processes

Biruni Technopark provides great support to entrepreneur candidate students and academics who say "I am the Boss of the Future in Science" in their business establishment processes

    Biruni Technopark provides great support to students and academics who will provide added value to our country as entrepreneurs of the future who want to start their own business. In this way, students continuing their university education create their own business opportunities before graduation, while academics have the opportunity to realise their scientific projects with the opportunities provided by Biruni Technopark. The necessity of lifelong work and production is essential for the future of both the individual and the country in every aspect.


    In this respect, our university always gives top priority to the value of working and producing, from the management staff to the students. As Prof. Dr. Adnan YÜKSEL, Rector of Biruni University, said, "The future will be shaped by hardworking people who have left their rest today." Our university, which has adopted the principle of developing in every field of science, has adopted it as a duty to provide every opportunity in this way. The greatest benefit to the country and the nation is to act with a commitment to science. Again, as Rector YÜKSEL underlines every time; "Life is a playground where no one can win except those who do their job well and do good." When all these are taken into consideration, the importance that our university attaches to science is revealed.


    As Biruni Technopark, we provide opportunities such as; office, consultancy, training and infrastructure free of charge with pre-incubation service during the incorporation process.


    Biruni Technopark General Manager Sezgin ERZAN made a statement;

    With the pre-incubation office, potential entrepreneurs (Students and Academics) can benefit from infrastructure and various training services, completely free of charge in order to mature their business and project ideas based on technology and innovation and to make the necessary preparations for incorporation.


    ERZAN listed the main support mechanisms and training materials;

    Pre-Incubation Offices are made available free of charge to entrepreneurs who want to develop their business ideas.

    Business Model, Business Plan Writing Training, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Effective Presentation, Project Proposal Preparation and Applied Project Training, financial and legal consultancy services needed in company establishment are provided.

    Undergraduate/graduate students and academic staff are periodically informed about entrepreneurship within the university.

    Project preparation and application support is provided for grant support programmes opened by TÜBİTAK, BİİİG, KOSGEB and other institutions.

    Internet etc. infrastructure facilities are provided free of charge.


    Underlining that 8 academics from our university have already established their companies in Biruni Technopark and continue their activities within the scope of the support provided, ERZAN stated that great opportunities are provided in the incorporation process of academic initiatives and mentioned the supports provided;

    Biruni University academics can establish a company in Biruni Technopark, become a partner in an established company or take part in the management of a company in order to commercialise the results of the researches they are doing / will do.

    No application fee is charged for Technopark project applications.

    Trade Registry, Notary, Financial Consultancy, etc. expenses of Biruni University Academics in the process of establishing their companies are covered by Technopark.

    Biruni University Academics are not charged a rental fee during their projects.

    Acceleration training is provided periodically for academic companies in areas such as marketing, finance, intellectual property and law, public supports, access to foreign markets.

    The vital necessity of producing and developing, which is of great importance for the economic growth of our country, is made a priority target with the opportunities offered by Biruni Technopark.

    Biruni University continues to enlighten our future by shedding light on the steps taken on this path to science in every field.