Contemporary and Innovative Education Methods

Contemporary and Innovative Education Methods

    Our university contributes to the development of students' thinking systems with its 10 contemporary and innovative education methods. In this way, our students can learn knowledge more permanently. 


    Our University, which supports the idea "Learning is personal," has developed methods that allow its students to learn and to put the knowledge they have learned into practice by means of the educational methods it has developed. Here are our 10 education methods that improve the thinking systems of our students:  



    It is an education model for cognitive development and performance increase, which is applied to ensure that the subject is learned in an interactive, active and timely manner. Since our students can access the lecture notes and all related materials electronically one week before the lesson, they come to the lesson prepared. This enables them to learn better and more effectively. Thanks to the existing BirDeHa system during the pandemic process, the lessons continued uninterrupted and the exams were held without any problems. 



    It is a model that is applied to ensure the permanence of knowledge in the student for the transfer and apprehension of knowledge in the education process. With the BirBilginOl application, students have been more successful in the classes. 



     University attaches great importance to the education of thought. In the Critical Thinking Application and Research Center, which was established in this context, it is aimed to provide the students with the skills to approach critically, analyze correctly, make the right decision and interpret the existing information in daily life and learning process, with the open training provided to the students of each department. 


    With the Biruni Scientific Research and Project Fellowship program, our students work together on projects with their friends and take the first steps towards becoming an academic. 



    With the BirAkAr Peer Friendship/mentorship program, it is aimed to support our students who start their education at our university by the students who are studying in the upper classes of the same program to adapt to university students, to help them adopt the university's culture, to contribute to their learning motivation, to increase their success in classes and to support their personal development. Thus, our students can continue their education life with an interactive orientation program. 



    Academic Advisors support our students in their adaptation to academic and social life, provide information about the program they are enrolled in and about the sections of the university, course selection, course registration procedures, monitoring the student's course success, career planning, etc. 



    In the BirBirEt program, with the social, cultural, artistic and sports activities organized by our student communities, students can; have the opportunity to develop communication skills and teamwork competencies. 



    With the BirKarDan program, our University is always with its students in their career journey. While our students receive education, they are also brought together with sector officials and experts in their fields, and job opportunities are offered as well as training on their profession. 


    With the BirSemSer program, our students can receive training on personal development, language education programs, culture and art programs, as well as improving their professional knowledge and skills, through the trainings provided at the Continuing Education Center, and at the end of the training they obtain a certificate or a certificate of participation. 


    With Birbirileri program, our students are prepared for ALES, KPSS and DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) within the framework of a program. It is organized for our students who continue their active education or graduates at our university.