First in Turkey, 5th in the World

First in Turkey, 5th in the World

    Biruni University Hospital accomplished a first in Turkey. It used the TAVI method used in aortic stenosis in aortic insufficiency.


       In this procedure, which was performed for the first time in Turkey and the 5th time in the world, the aortic valve was replaced by intervening through a catheter in the groin without opening the chest and stopping the heart of the high-risk patient.  


       Servet Bilgin, who lives in Adapazarı, Sakarya, suddenly became ill during a visit to Istanbul about 4 years ago. Bilgin was hospitalised and his aortic valve was ruptured from the inside. It was necessary to intervene quickly, family approval was essential, but his family was not with him. If time was lost, the patient was at great risk of losing his life. When Prof. Dr. Murat UĞURLUCAN saw the patient, he said, "I take full responsibility" and took him into surgery. The patient returned to life after a successful operation.


       Four years passed. Servet BİLGİN's heart was tired once again. This time the aortic valve had to be replaced. However, reopening the rib cage was risky. Although the TAVI method is normally a common method, only 4 patients in this situation had undergone the operation in the world. Biruni University Hospital, Prof. Dr. Murat Uğurlucan and his team successfully performed this operation for the first time in Turkey and the 5th time in the world. Prof. Dr. Murat UĞURLUCAN also stated that they started a study that is eligable to enter to scientific journals.Servet BİLGİN said that he was grateful to Prof. Dr. Murat UĞURLUCAN.  


    Prof. Dr. Murat UĞURLUCAN, Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Biruni University Faculty of Medicine, said, "The TAVI method has been used in the treatment of aortic stenosis until today. In TAVI, the aortic valve is replaced through a catheter through the groin without opening the patient's chest, without stopping the heart," he said, emphasising the importance of the treatment.


    Biruni University Hospital will continue to break new ground in the field of treatment by continuing its studies that will enter the medical journals with its state-of-the-art treatment methods, expert physician staff and new hospital with a capacity of 617 beds.