For those who are considering studying at medical school, experiencing some medical knowledge during high school years is very important in their later careers. Being a medical doctor, which is a way of life rather than a profession, starts the moment you step into medical school and lasts a lifetime. For this reason, as Biruni University, it is aimed to draw a road map for high school students who are considering studying at the faculty of medicine about what they may encounter as part of this long education period. Thus, it is aimed to help high school students who want to become a medical doctor to decide on their university preferences before the exam.

    This programme, which is the first of its kind in medical faculties in Turkey, will provide high school students with the opportunity to gain knowledge in various fields, improve themselves academically and gain a different experience before their university preferences as a small part of university life during the summer holiday period.

    All courses in the programme will be given by the faculty members of Biruni University Faculty of Medicine. In this programme, which will last for two weeks, the lectures will be given in a simple language that a high school student can understand and both, in theoretical and practical ways.


    Students participating in this course will;

    Learn the main outlines of the human body and became acquainted with the knowledge of disease and treatment

    Be familiarised with surgical and internal clinics and saw hospital corridors and operating theatres,

    See the relationship with patients admitted to outpatient clinic and also with the hospitalised patients,

    Gain experience and will be able to make plans that will shed light on their future career paths and thus make a start on their way to medical school.


    What Biruni University Faculty of Medicine will offer to high school students participating in this programme;

    • Both theoretical and practical training will be given by expert lecturers
    • Theoretical trainings will be taken collectively and practical trainings will be taken in groups of 5 people each.
    • In the anatomy laboratory, they will see human anatomy on cadavers and human models and observe the procedures performed in the skill laboratory.
    • To participate in the cultural and social activities to be held in the main campus of Biruni University Faculty of Medicine within the same dates accompanied by SKS
    • Lunches during the course, dinner on the day on duty
    • Certificate at the end of the course


    DATE: 10-14 JUL 2023 (5 days)

    Application date: 1 MAY-2 JUNE 2023 

    On 9 June 2023, the names of accepted candidates - final and reserve - will be announced on the web page.

    Deadline for submission of documents required from accepted candidates: 23 June 2023

    Who can participate : All high school students can participate in the programme. The selection of students will be based on their transcripts and reference letters from their schools.

    Quota : 30 Person

    Fee: A fee of 500 tl will be charged for the programme. In case of full participation in the programme without excuse, a Certificate of Participation will be given on the last day. In addition, a reference letter will be written to students who show outstanding success.

    (For the visit to the Health Museum in Edirne Bayezid II Complex, transport and meal fee belongs to the student)


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