Opportunity‎ to Study Abroad

Opportunity‎ to Study Abroad

    Our university continues to carry out its educational activities at a universal level. Our university, which attaches importance to international collaborations, adds a new one every day to its bilateral agreements with world universities.‎


    ‎Our university, which attaches great importance to the international experience of its students and academics, makes significant contributions to science as a world university with its international agreements. Our university, which wants students to be aware of the studies and education system in the world, offers its students the opportunity to study abroad with the agreements it has made. ‎


    Agreements of our Faculty of Pharmacy with European Universities ‎

    ‎Westfälische Wilhelms University, one of the largest universities in Germany, which has carried out important studies with its 130 departments, also known as the University of Münster among the people, and the Faculty of Pharmacy of our university have been carrying out important studies for years. At the same time, our university has an agreement with the university of Zagreb in Croatia. The Faculty of Medicine of Lublin, one of the most important universities in Poland, is just a few of the universities with which we have agreements with. ‎


    ‎Agreement with the Top 500 Universities in Education ‎

    ‎We also have agreements with many countries for the students of our Faculty of Education. One of these countries is Spain. Within the scope of the agreements made with the University of La Laguna, which is included in the ranking of the best 500 universities in the world, our students in the Faculty of Education have the opportunity to study in these universities, which are important in their fields. ‎


    French Experience in Engineering ‎

    ‎Among the universities that our university has agreements with in biomedical engineering, we also have agreements with Lille Catholic University in France and Athens Institute of Technological Education, one of the well-established universities in Greece. Among the countries we have agreements with in computer engineering are Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and Serbia. ‎


    ‎Medicine in Italy ‎
    Our university has an agreement in the field of medicine with Campania Luigi Vanvitelli University, one of the research universities of Italy. At the same time, we have agreements with many countries, especially Poland and Romania.

    Universal Overview in Dentistry ‎

    ‎Our university also has an agreement with Vilnius University, one of the oldest universities in the Baltic countries. In addition, our university has educational protocols with many European countries, especially Lithuania. ‎