Started To Hear Wıth Braın Stem Implant That Is Performed In A Few Centres In The World

Started To Hear Wıth Braın Stem Implant That Is Performed In A Few Centres In The World

    With the 'Brain Stem Implant' performed in our University Hospital, our 4-year-old little patient started to hear.


    Four-year-old Emir ASAF, who has congenital hearing loss, started to hear after the "Brain Stem Implant Surgery". It can only be performed in a small number of centres in the world, and it was performed at Biruni University Hospital. After the successful surgery performed at our University Hospital, our little patient heard the voices of his mother and father for the first time.


    Biruni University Hospital, Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology  Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir ÖZGÜR made a statement about the surgery:

    "Four out of every 1000 births have severe and very severe hearing loss. The best treatment of congenital hearing loss today is the 'Cochlear Implant' (bionic ear) option. However, in order for the cochlear implant to be applied, the inner ear must be in a structure that can accommodate the implant and the auditory nerve must be intact. Unfortunately, some patients with congenital hearing loss also have inner ear anomalies and therefore cannot be implanted with a cochlear implant. In this case, we stimulate the nucleus of the auditory nerve with the auditory brainstem implant that we place in the brain stem with surgery and enable the patient to hear. This method is very beneficial for patients, especially if it is applied under the age of 4. Emir Asaf also applied to our hospital with a diagnosis of severe hearing loss. He had inner ear anamolysis in both ears. Cochlear implant surgery was performed on his left ear 9 months ago, but the patient did not benefit. It was decided to implant a brain stem implant in the patient's right ear and we performed brain stem implant surgery in the right ear in our hospital. We can successfully apply this method, which can be applied in a few centres in the world, at Biruni University Hospital." 


    Biruni University Hospital continues to heal all patients by successfully performing challenging treatment options with its expert physicians and technological equipment capacity.